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Want to help researchers better understand online content? You can join us in three easy steps.

Create an Account
First, you'll sign up and create an account. If you are not joining from Prolific and want to sign up to participate in the Intervenr study, please email intervenr-research-study@seas.upenn.edu to indicate your interest. Please note that you must be at least 18 years or older, an eligible voter in the United States, and have a Google Account in order to participate.
Install the Intervenr Extension
Second, you must install the Intervenr Extension. In order to install the Intervenr Extension, you must have access to and use the desktop Chrome Browser. Instructions will be provided to you as part of the onbarding process. After you have finished installing and registering the extension, you must then continue to use the Chrome Browser for the duration of the study.
After creating an account and activating the Intervenr Extension, you will then be fully enrolled in the Intervenr study. This study will run for up to 2 weeks, and you will then receive payment on Prolific upon the end of the study and the completion of follow up surveys.
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